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10th September 2019 

Can you do end of tenancy cleaning yourself?

This really comes down to two things: 

How energetic are you feeling? How much time do you have?

The main reason people use a professional cleaning company for end of tenancy cleaning is because the Landlord inspection process at the end of the tenancy covers things which are easy to miss, and many tenants have lost their deposit from not having professional results when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning inspection. 

When people are moving out, they want to look forward to their new house, rather than trying to make their old house pass the end of tenancy inspection. 

It is common for us to be asked to clean a property where the tenant has attempted the clean but not managed to pass the end of tenancy inspection. 

A professional cleaning company will make sure that all the difficult to clean areas are cleaned. Our cleaners will make sure limescale is removed from taps, mildew removed from tiles, cupboards are cleaned inside and out and everything is cleaned in between! 

A professional cleaner will make sure that the property is ready for the new tenant to come in and start unpacking. 

If you do decide to do your own end of tenancy clean, below are some pointers and tips to help you: 

• Pay extra attention to Kitchens and Bathrooms

While it is easy to clean the obvious parts of a kitchen and bathroom, always pay extra attention to small details. Is there limescale build up on the taps? Is there mildew on the bath seals? Check all the tiles and clean all surfaces all around the shower to make sure there is no limescale or soap build up. 

At Cleaning Culture, our cleaners use professional limescale remover to really get to grips with even the worst limescale build up. 

• Make sure to clean all your kitchen cupboards inside and out. 

It’s easy to mop and wipe down surfaces but people often overlook cupboards. It is important to really deep clean the inside of your kitchen cupboards. Make sure to clean the top of the cupboard as well and dry this, so it stays clean and shiny. 

The advantage of using Cleaning Culture for cleaning cupboards, is that we will use specialist cleaning products, or steaming equipment to make sure that inside cupboards are absolutely spotless and all grease and residue is removed. 

• Thoroughly clean all blinds

Blinds can be a dreaded cleaning job. Especially if you have wooden blinds. Cleaning inside all those slats can be hard work! Make sure you thoroughly clean blinds if they are supplied with the property. Blinds will be checked by the landlord at the end of tenancy inspection. 

At Cleaning Culture, we have all the right equipment to make sure your blinds are left looking like new. 

• Inside of windows

Make sure you’ve cleaned inside all of the windows. The windows will be checked at the end of tenancy inspection. Make sure you remove all marks use window cleaner with a wet cloth, and then polish to make sure there are no streaks. You can dry with a lint free cloth to make sure the windows are gleaming!

At Cleaning Culture, we will always ensure that there is a streak free shine to your windows. 

Happy Cleaning! 😊

Cleaning Culture offers Professional End of Tenancy and Domestic Cleaning. We are based in Alcester with a second site in Tamworth. Servicing Stratford Upon Avon, Redditch, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas.

1st August 2019

Are you getting enough from your end of tenancy clean?

When you invest in end of tenancy cleaning, you want to be sure that you've got the best service and value for money, but how can you tell if your cleaners are doing a good job? Even if the space looks clean, always consider the following:

1) How is the cleaner's time management? Do they turn up exactly when they say?

2) Have you seen their cleaning schedule? And are they sticking to the list to make sure nothing has been missed?

3) Are your cleaners consistent, or do you have a different one each time? - Lots of turnover of cleaners can mean standards slip over time.

4) What products are your cleaners using? Do they have all the right products for the job?

5) Check the areas after the cleaner has been. Is there anything that could have been done better?

If so, you might want to consider changing over to Cleaning Culture, where we are passionate about delivering you the best service and using the best products available, all at competitive rates. 

Why a clean home leads to a happier life :) 

2nd June 2019

We are all so busy in day to life, trying to juggle careers often with the added challenge of fitting in family and social time.

The additional burden of running and keeping a house can often be an added stress to the ever growing to do list of our busy lifestyles.

Its been proven that returning to a clean and ordered home reduces stress levels and also allows you to enjoy your free time without that nagging voice telling you that you should really be doing something else!

Here are 3 great reasons why keeping it clean could benefit you.

  1. You will start entertaining friends more.
  2. It is great for relationships- did you know that cleaning and chores are one of the main reasons for arguments between couples!
  3. Clean homes fuel motivation- it gives you time and incentive to sort other areas of your life out